Muted Slap

The Muted Slap is a technique where the player slaps a note with their thumb while they choke the strings with their fretting hand.

This is different from the Fret Hand Slap but is often used in tandem with it to get a very percussive effect.

Often, this is used by a player to copy a percussion part when they don't want to play any notes for rhythmic effect.

Since this one is so simple, I don't need to say much else except that you simply strike the string with your thumb while it's being muted with your fretting hand. Make sure to avoid placing your hand over a harmonic unless you want it to ring out.

Since that is really the extent of this technique, I can't teach you much more about how to play this. Just make sure that the strings are muted properly, and be careful about how you slap the string.

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