Playing Arpeggios


These are the building blocks of most of what you'll do as a bass player.

Both Chords and Scales are related very closely to Arpeggios.

Chords are made up of Arpeggios and Scales are Arpeggios with added tones that play upon various harmonies.

Basslines built from Arpeggios tend to have a lot of Harmonic motion and tend to also be more stable than lines built from random intervals and Scale Degrees.

Studying Arpeggios is really mostly about the study of Chord construction and Scalar relationships.

Since there are a lot of Arpeggios out there, I've built a separate section of this site specifically for them. You can find every kind of Arpeggio that you'll ever need there (plus some that you'll probably never really need).

These are just one of the three main kinds of patterns that every good bass player needs to know.

The other two kinds are Scales and Chords.

Since these are based upon shapes, it's important to get these under your fingers to the point that you don't even need to think about them to play them.

As well, Since they are so important, you should take a look at that part of my site now. I promise you'll find something that will turn you into a better player quickly.

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