Spaces and Lines

Welcome to this lesson on Spaces and Lines!

This is actually going to be a fairly quick lesson due to the fact that a lot of what this lesson is going to be covering is actually covered in a later lesson that deals with reading notes.

Ok. So, here they are:

Some people like to use a Mnemonic Device to remember the names of the notes on the lines. Since this example is in Bass Clef, the notes from the bottom line on the staff to the top line are G-B-D-F-A. Some people like to use Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always, or Greased Bastards Deserve Frozen Arms (Maybe that one was just me :), but use whatever works for you.

The spaces from just above the bottom staff line to just below the top one are A-C-E-G. Again, you can use whatever works for you, or you can use Angry Cats Emit Gas. It's up to you :)

If you've ever looked a piece of music with notes that reached above the staff, those notes were on what we like to call Ledger Lines. They effectively increase the range of the staff by adding extra lines for notes that are beyond the range of the staff. The most common ledger lines that you'll experience as a bass player are the lines for Low E below the staff and High C above the staff.

Ledger Lines

Hopefully, you have a better idea of how they work and what they are along with a bit more in the way of information on the ledger lines.

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