Double Thump

Soooo........ The legendary Double Thump!

Everywhere you look, someone is trying their hardest to nail down this technique.

Whether it is the intro to "Classical Thump" or a random slap solo, this is a technique that not only sounds cool, but is considered very advanced for any slap player.

In order to do this technique, you need to have your strings fairly close to the fingerboard. Since the strings are going to be moving fairly quickly, you're going to want to have them close enough to the board that they can quickly return to your thumb so that they are ready to be slapped again.

Overall, the double thump just takes a bit of practice.

Luckily, it really is very simple to do.

It's also very fun!

To begin learning this technique, first, take your thumb and hold it parallel to the strings. You need to have your thumb at the same angle as the strings are in order to have this technique ring out correctly.

Basically, use your thumb more like a pick than the slap style that you're used to.

In order to do this, you take your thumb and you go up and down making sure to hit the string on the way down and rest on the string below. Try to think of it as going through the string rather than bouncing off of it.

To get the other thump part of this technique, when you bring your thumb up, you pull the string with the top of your thumb, letting it come off of your thumb and bounce off of the frets, creating another slap-like sound.

When you're first starting this, try to use your thumb just like a pick.

Exaggerate your movements a bit too in order to get used to the feel of doing this properly.

This is a bit odd until you get used to the motions associated with this kind of playing.

Try playing some simpler basslines with the basic technique in order to get more associated with the feeling of doing this correctly. Maybe some basslines that were originally played with a pick would be good practice pieces?

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