Why should YOU play the bass?

There are many reasons why you should consider playing the bass......

Not only is there a lot of work out there for a great player, but it isn't a difficult instrument to start playing.

I've found that, for the entire time that I've been playing, that it is a great way to start a conversation with someone. Everyone knows someone who is a musician and everyone loves music. Not only does music provide you with a good way to meet people, but it also gives you a skill that can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and self-fulfillment.

On my site, you can find everything you need to play well and enjoy playing music. Things such as:

- Slap Style
- Chordal Playing
- Playing Fretless
- Reading Music
- Playing over lead Sheets
- Pickups and Electronics
- Tapping

Will eventually become second nature to you, and you'll be able to pull off any trick in the book at a moments notice. You'll even be able to do things that once seemed impossible.

On my site, you'll also find resources about some great players and materials that you can use to take your playing to the next level. There are links to places where you can pick up a good instrument for cheap and even avoid some of the costs normally associated with playing a musical instrument.

And if you already happen to be a great player, you'll be able to find some additional concepts and skills that will really "spice" up your playing.

So, grab your bass and get ready to learn. I promise that you'll have more fun than you thought you could :)

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