The Electric Bass has had a vibrant life in it's rather short history (compared with other musical instruments). From it's earliest incarnation as a simple slab of shaped wood with basic electronics, the Bass has come a long way.

In the short time that the Bass has established itself in the public eye, it has evolved to meet the requirements of the players who rely on it and has gone even further than that, providing more options that most players will ever need.

With the ever-increasing role of the bass in music today, more and more gear has become available for the player to make their mark with.

Things like Straps and Cables have even come a long way. From their beginnings as simple and rather crappy add-ons for the Bass, they have become separate business unto themselves, allowing the player the freedom to look and sound exactly as they want to.

What about the good old fashioned Case? How much has it changed?

From just providing protection from the elements to built-in Amps and mobile multimedia centers (Seriously. Built-in amps), the Case has come a very long way.

What about the Ramp, you ask? If you aren't sure what the Ramp is or you do know what it is and want to know more, you should take a look at my page on it.

Tuners? What makes the Tuner so special?

Do you know how many different kinds of Tuners there are and the range of Tuners that are available? You know why you need one, right?

All sorts of new stuff is coming out all the time. As I find new gear, I'll update this page.

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