Bass Guitar Strings

So, why should I devote a whole part of my site to Bass Strings?

Because they can determine a very large part of the sound that your bass makes!

There are many different kinds out in the market at the current moment. Consider that there are flatwound, roundwound, groundwound (or Half-wound), short scale, long scale, sets of four, five and six or more. They can be made out of nickel, steel, and even gold (yes. Bling fo' sho'). They can be coated, frozen, or boiled.

Yup. These bad boys!

And that only takes care of the electric bass!

There are also acoustic and upright basses to think about. And all of these are made by about a bajillion different manufacturers. Some people even use ones made for cello on their bass!

There are quite a few things to be aware of when it comes to making them last longer. You can read about some of the most Important things to know and be a better person for it. :)

If you want to know what makes each kind so special, you can read my page on the different kinds and what makes them so unique.

If you're into finding out why they are so important, and how the different materials that they are made out of affect the tone (and frets or fingerboad) of the bass, you can find out on my Materials information page.

Having trouble Changing them? Check out my page on Changing your Strings and you shouldn't have any more problems with changing them after this.

I will continually be adding new things to my site, so remember to check back regularly for new updates to my content.

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