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Friends of

Sites and Resources to get excited about!

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Anyone can play guitar...

... and it's the same for bass! You see those instrumentalists at the top of the heap and you won't be blamed for thinking they are the talented ones.

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Playing Bass

I love music and you will never find me without a song playing in the background. Whether, it’s in the car or in my room, working on laptop or in the bathroom,

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Learn Bass Arpeggios

Want to learn Bass Arpeggios? Learn how they work here!

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Contribute To Playing Bass Online

Would you like to share your knowledge about playing bass? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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New Ideas

Need some new ways to practice Ideas? Read on!

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Bass Player Interviews

Interviews from the top players in the Bass World.

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Bass Harmonics

What exactly are Harmonics and how do you play them? Find out here!

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Flamenco Strumming

Want to learn some Flamenco Strumming licks on the Bass? Click here now!

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Artificial Harmonics

Learn to play Artificial Harmonics on your Bass! Click here to find out more.

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The Thumb Slap

Learn how to do the Thumb Slap on the bass!

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Putting them Together: The Slap and Pop

Slapping and Popping: Putting them Together.

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