Various Techniques

If you're wondering what the deal is with all of these Various Techniques and why there are a lot of them put into one section, it's because these are all techniques that, while useful and fun, are not completely required to play the bass.

That being said, they all have their place and a certain usefulness in most of what you will play.

I've taken the time to write an article and lesson on each technique. Since these are so simple to learn, I suggest learning as many as you can.

They will allow you to play all sorts of things that you couldn't before.

They all sound very cool as well. I can't think of one of these that I don't use at least every once in a while to spice up my playing.

Some of those things, such as Harmonics, are things that I use every day.

Harmonics are not only very useful and cool sounding, but they also increase the range of notes that you are able to get on your bass. They are commonly used as accompaniment parts to chords and bass lines and are great for Harmonic embellishment.

Did you know that you can Slide Harmonics? It's actually deceptively simple and very cool sounding. Imagine the things that you could do with Slide Harmonics?

Have you tried to play False Harmonics? Also known as Artificial Harmonics, they are great for playing melodies with. You can play complete chords and Harmonies with them as well. Besides that, they give you access to additional octaves of tones that you can access at any time, effectively increasing the range that you have on your bass.

Another technique that people use is called the Flamenco Strum. while this used to only be a technique for flamenco guitarists, it is now being used more and more on the bass. These days, the Flamenco Strum is closely tied into the slap technique, but is great for adding an extra bit of percussive rhythm to a bassline.

If you want to get a great muted and funky tone on the bass, try Palm Muting. While it can seem kind of odd, you can get a great sound out of this simple, fun technique.

These are a variety of Various Techniques that you'll run across while you learn to play the bass. While there are a few here, there are also many more that people are developing and learning to play all of the time.

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