Playing Slap Bass is actually fairly easy.......

..It just takes the right teacher.

I remember when I first started learning to play Slap Bass. I would watch videos of Flea or Victor Wooten for hours and marvel at how fast they could play. I would always try to follow along, only to realize that I looked like a flailing monkey in a blender after the first couple of seconds.

I would spend hours trying to cop licks, only to realize shortly after that I had been doing something wrong. And I could never reach the speed that they were going at. Even if I could, I would get tired shortly after.

I kept going on and on, refining my technique and improving my abilities to the point where I felt comfortable.

I was able to notice where I had made my mistakes and taken up a lot of my time when I began.

That is why I'm writing this page.

I know that this can be a difficult thing to learn. Every single person who tries to learn this technique finds that it can be very difficult to make it sound good or get a fluid slapping motion for the first little while. Eventually, it passes and everyone starts to enjoy the freedom that they have with this technique.

I want to make sure that you avoid most, if not all, of the mistakes that I have made while trying to learn slap bass. I'm still learning now, and like any good skill in life, I will continue to learn until I just can't play anymore. I hope that my site can teach you anything you want to know about playing in this style.

My lessons will be covering everything from the bare bones basics (the Thumb Slap) to advanced ideas (Double thump and Double pops).

I hope that you find everything that you need in the following lessons.

Where to begin? How about the Thumb Slap? The very first thing that everyone learns when they try to play slap is the slap itself. It is really easy to do and it sounds cool to boot!

Ready to learn to Pop? Take 5 minutes now and learn why popping is important to the sound of slap bass and how you can learn to do it.

Have you tried to put them together? Slapping and Popping? Can you make funky lines with the slap and pop?

How about the Double Thump? Have you ever wanted to learn how they do that? Now's your chance!

Have you heard of the Double Pop? It's a great way to add a bid of rhythmic push to a line.

Along with the actual slapping and popping skill, there are also a few other things that you can do to make your lines stand out a bit more.

Have you considered your fretting hand? What is it doing while you slap? Would you like to get it into the slapping action as well?

One of the most useful things you can add to a slap line is the Fret Hand Slap. This is a technique often used by slap style players in order to get more rhythm and speed in their slap lines. Check it out!

Thinking along those lines, have you tried the Muted Slap? Take a look now and get some great new ideas!

One thing that isn't really touched upon all that much when talking about slap bass is Slap Dynamics. Playing with emotion and control while slapping the bass is a big part of making it so that you don't sound like a one-trick pony.

I'm always adding new content to this part of my site, so come back when you're ready to learn some more about slap bass.

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