"Why would I need to learn to play Bass Guitar Chords at all?"

I mean, don't I play Bass? Why should I learn Bass Guitar Chords?

Well........ Let me ask you........

Why not?

Why wouldn't you play Chords? There is just so much there for you to add if you can throw a few Chords into a Bass line. Many Latin and Funk tunes have double-stops which are a kind of Chordal-style technique, as well as the full Four-Part Chords that are used in some Jazz tunes and solos.

But still, there seems to be a bit of a stigma about Bass players playing Chords at all.

Many times.....

....I've been in situations where a good groove has been going on and everyone is playing well, but the music just seems to be missing "something".

Imagine what you could do with a full knowledge of various Chords and the know-how to use them well? How would people see you if they knew that you could double the Guitar or Keyboard parts at a moment's notice? Would you be "Just another Bass player"? Or could it keep you a gig, knowing full well that you are more valuable to the other musicians at that moment?

Playing a chord on bass

Here, on this site....

....I've laid out various lessons on Chordal Bass playing so that you can learn as quickly and easily as possible. If you need to start at the beginning or you are new to the idea of Bass Guitar Chords, try starting on my "Why play Chords?" page. This page explains why you should learn them, how I started with them, and how I've found them useful over and over again.

Finished the "Why play Chords?" page? How about my page on how to play Basic Triads? Triads are the foundation of all of the chords you'll learn, so it's a very good idea to have a solid foundation of Basic Triads. Or, if you're finished Basic Triads, consider my page on three part, Non-Triad Chords. That page deals with the use of a variety of Chords in three parts that aren't Triads.

Next, you can move on to learning how to play Four Part Chords.

Some of the other pages that I've built for this section include:

- How to Practice Chords
- How to Use Chords
- Chordal Bass Tips

.....And so on.

If you're finished with the lessons, you can take a look at my Bass Guitar Chords page. It is basically a list of Chords that you can learn and apply to a variety of situations. It's consistently being updated and new chords are always being added, so remember to check back on that section often.

I will be constantly adding new pages to this section. If you feel that something on here seems off or wrong, or you have an idea for a new article on Bass Guitar Chords, feel free to use the Contact Us Page to send me your thoughts. If you send me a message and I use an idea of yours for an article, I will gladly give you credit for the idea and post it on this site.

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