Percussive Tapping and Harmonics

Percussive Tapping is a very useful technique that pairs well when Tapping Harmonics.

Lets say you're playing a funky slap riff, and coming up in the piece is a part where the guitar is playing shots and quick, repeated chords.

You could play a Slap fill or two to make your part stand out, but wouldn't you rather throw some funky Tapping licks and dead notes in that make your part just seem more Powerful?

I know that's a rather lame way to put it, but that's what these are for.

Not every time you play a Tapping part do you need to play notes.

Sometimes, the best lines are the ones with the least notes and the most rhythmic drive.

These two kinds of Tapping are very useful in a large variety of situations where you might not want to play a more melodic Bassline but want to add a little something to pick the line up Rhythmically.

Another thing that sounds really cool is when you tap out Harmonics.

If you've never tried Tapping out Harmonics, you really should give it a try. Because you're literally pushing and bouncing the strings against the frets and fingerboard, it tends to give an extra-strong, bell like chime to harmonics.

Harmonics that are tapped tend to sound like bells or a bit like a Xylophone.

There are many ways to practice this. Try playing a Harmonic normally and then tapping that same Harmonic out.

If done correctly, you should notice a more intense and clear sound being produced from your bass on the Tapped note.

There are many different applications of this technique.

The best use is what you decide is the best. So........ experiment!

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