Bass Scales

"Welcome to the Evil World of the Bass Scales!"

According to pretty much every music student I've ever taught, this is what they collectively seem to think of some of the most musical building blocks of all.

I'm not going to lie to you: There are a LOT of scales out there, and they can be a pain to learn. However, many people go about learning them the wrong way.

If you learn how to practice and memorize scales correctly, you can shorten the amount of time spent on technical exercises to about half of what it normally is, less even, if you're very dedicated.

On the lists that follow, you'll find a variety of Scales that have come in handy for myself over the years.

I've given the Major Scale it's own bold link at the beginning due to the prevalence of its tonality in Western Music.

On each of the following pages, you'll find resources that will help you become better at Scales. You'll also find information that will help you not only get the most you can out of them, but also teach you how to learn them much more quickly.

Best of luck with learning the Scales. If you have any questions, you can send them to me on my Contact Us Page.

Let's get started, Shall we? :)

Major Scale and Modes

Pentatonic Scales (Five Note):

Major Pentatonic

Japanese Pentatonic

Kumoi (Hawaiian) Pentatonic

Pelog (Indonesian) Pentatonic

Hexatonic Scales (Six Note):

Augmented Scale

Blues Scale

Whole-Tone Scale

Hepatonic Scales (Seven Note):


Harmonic Minor

Melodic Minor

Harmonic Major

Bebop Scales:

Major Bebop

Dorian Bebop

Mixolydian Bebop

Other Scales:

Diminished Scales (Whole-Half/Half-Whole)

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