Reading Music to the 24th Fret

Have you considered how far you've come in reading music in such a short amount of time?

I think that, due to how far you've come, it's time to just review what you've learned. There really isn't a lot more to learn when it it comes to reading the notes, just practice now.

So, to re-cap, here is an overview of the entire neck:

And here is what all the notes that you've learned look like:

That could make someone dizzy! Bitchin'!

Anyways, all you have to do today is go to my Exercises page. There, I've written up a fairly comprehensive and extensive lesson and exercise page for today that covers a ton of what you've already gone through.

After these exercises, you wont really need to "Learn" much more, you'll just need to put it into action.

Have fun!

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