Self Analysis

How many times have you actually listened to yourself play and done a self analysis of your sound?

I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me........

How do you actually sound to others?

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you sound like when you're playing.

Sometimes, you aren't playing as cleanly as you think you are.....

Have you ever had someone point out something that you didn't realize that you were doing until they pointed it out? Maybe some Harmonics were ringing out all by themselves when you didn't want them to? (Pesky Harmonics)

The best way to assure yourself that you sound just like you want to is to record yourself playing.

Try this:

Record yourself playing for 10 minutes through a DI box and 10 minutes through a mic'd amp. Compare the two and listen to yourself during and after.

Chances are that you'll notice a few things about your playing that you might not have heard before.....

Do you have a tendency to slide your hands all up and down the strings and make unwanted noise? How about muting the Strings? Is your attack as smooth as you want it to be? How about your Slap? Is it clean or does it sound muffled and rough?

These are only some of the things that you many notice when you decide to listen to yourself.

When you're recording in a studio (or even at home), one of the things that gets pointed out to inexperienced musicians is unwanted noise caused by sloppy technique.

The last thing you want is to have to re-do a great take because of a bit of open string ringing.

Trust me on that one.

If you can spot where you need to work on your technique, you can work to eliminate all the unwanted "quirks" that come with bad technique and your sound will improve overall.

So, take the time. Listen to yourself. You'll become a better player.

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