Anyone can play guitar...

... and it's the same for bass!

You see those instrumentalists at the top of the heap and you won't be blamed for thinking they are the talented ones. Yes, talent helps. The real secret is dedication, persistence and practice.

The way to achieve this is through finding a state of flow in your practice. This is the state you find yourself in when you lose track of time and the world around you because you're so focused on your practice.

The trick to achieving flow state is finding a balance between the level of challenge you set for yourself and the level of skill you have.

Set the challenge level too high and you'll get frustrated because your current skill level doesn't allow you to make the type of progress needed for the flow state.

Set the challenge level too low and it becomes so easy that you get bored.

It's all about the right ration between skill and challenge.

You also need to have a structure to your practice and be able to tell whether you're making progress or not as you go along.

You must be clear on what you want to achieve too...

It could be to pick that arpeggio perfectly or to nail a scale. The secret here is to know when you've achieved your goal. This is why it's important to be clear on what you want to achieve.

You can never learn everything on any instrument but you sure can learn a whole lot. So, there's always new flow experiences to be had. Left hand technique, right hand technique, timing, precision, tone and vibe. There's always something that can be worked on to step your game up to the next level.

So, there's no time to waste if you want to become great on the bass. You may as well go for greatness and start now. Go for the flow and ride it like there's no going back!

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