A Comparison between Two different kinds of Basses

In the private world of the bass player, there are many different pieces of equipment that one has the privilege of choosing from to create their own personal tone and sound.

One of those main things that players have to choose from at one point are whether or not they want to play the Fretless bass.

On this page, I've put together a small comparison of the two main kinds of basses: Fretless and Fretted.

For some players, they prefer the powerfully emotional and unique tone that comes with playing the fretless bass. For others, the fretted works for the way that they play and the tone that they're going for.

Personally, as a player of both instruments, I've found that there are unique challenges and rewards for deciding to go either way.

When it comes to the Fretless bass, you have a world of new techniques and sounds that become available to you. Whether it's sliding harmonics or making notes swell with vibrato, you have an entire new world of musical options that are now accessible.

However, you also need to learn a lot of new things if you decide to go the fretless route. Besides intonation and ear training, you'll also need to be able to spend time refining your left hand technique to be able to conform to the feel of a new board.

As for the fretted bass, you'll probably find that if you already do or intend to do a lot of tapping or slapping, you'll prefer a fretted bass many times over. Besides it being easier for a beginner to play a fretted bass, you don't have to worry about actively making sure that each note is intonated properly.

If you have the time, energy, and patience to go to a fretless, I would suggest that you give it a try at some point. There really is nothing like playing a bit of be-bop on a bass with no frets!

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