The Double Pop

Much like the pop, the Double Pop is a technique that is incredibly useful in the Slap Style of Bass Playing.

It's not only rhythmically rich, but also a very unique and interesting sounding technique that can add a lot of "push" to a line.

Not only that, but if you can do the basic pop, you can do this one too without much extra effort.

This technique can be heard on the tune "Sinister Minister" by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (Victor Wooten on bass).

To do this technique, you simply follow up a basic pop with your middle or ring finger playing a second pop shortly after.

The hardest thing about getting fluid with this technique is making sure that the sound is rhythmically even and that both popped notes are the same volume.

It helps if your strings are fairly close to the fretboard Trying to pop the notes when the strings are way off of the fretboard will make it next to impossible to do this technique.

To practice this technique, try playing the root note of a chord with a slapped note and follow the root with two more parts of the chord played with the pops, one pop on each note.

Eventually, you wont have any problems pulling this off during a fast slap passage.

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