Flamenco Strumming

For the longest time, Flamenco Strumming was a technique used mostly by flamenco guitarists to add a certain "color" to their parts.

Now, you can find everyone from Metal thrashers to Funk masters using this technique to add a unique, percussive element to their playing.

To do this, you strum your fingers against the strings one at a time in quick succession to create a "flam" or a roll like effect.

Start by making a closed fist with your plucking hand. Then, starting with your ring finger, quickly release it from your fist, through the string, followed by your middle and index fingers.

You want the sound to be even and controlled though all of the fingers, so start slowly and work your way faster till you can drum with all of your fingers.

Next, once you have the technique down, try placing it within the context of a Bassline to add a bit of a funky, percussive flavor. Be careful not to overuse it since it can get to be a bit much if used in the wrong place.

If you want to make it sound especially funky, add a few Slaps and a trill or two to it. Bends are also very funky sounding with this technique.

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