Reading Music up to the Octave

Welcome to the last page of brand new notes in the first octave of the neck!

How does it feel to know that you have a valuable skill that a lot of people ignore (And get you some gigs that those who can't read music can't get)?

Hmmmmm............... :)

Anyways, today you have three new notes to read, and then we get to look at refining our command of the second half of the neck!

Ok, so here is the neck as it stands now:

Consider that 12th fret like a checkpoint. Once you get there, you've effectively learned most of the notes on the neck.

Ok. So looking at the E string, on the 10th fret, we have a "D". The 11th fret is "D#/Eb".

The 12th fret is an "E". The 12th fret is ALWAYS the octave of the string, so you can use that as a guide to learning the 2nd part of the neck (as we will next lesson).

On the A string, the 10th fret is a "G", the 11th is a "G#/Ab" and the 12 is, of course, "A".

Working on the D string, at the 10th fret, we have a "C". The 11th fret has us looking at a "C#/Db" and the 12 is, again, the "D".

Now, the G string is a different thang' altogether! The 10th fret is home to "F". At the 11th fret, we have an "F#/Gb". At the 12th, we have a high "G".

Wow. Finally! The entire neck up to the 12th! One whole Octave from the open strings!


Lets look at the neck now, shall we?

That's a lot of notes, ain't it?

Today, especially out of all the other days, you should go to my Exercises page and get acquainted with the lessons there.

When you feel that you can read the entire first half of the neck fairly decently, head on over to my Next Lesson. See you there!

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