Playing Chords


One of the other main things to know about as a Bass Player.

While it is important for any musician to know how Chords are constructed, Bass Players are required to know them deeper than most instruments due to the nature of the Bass's function in a group or ensemble.

Besides learning how they are built, you should also learn a bit about how to play them.

On the Chordal part of this site, you'll find a large variety of Chords and Chord shapes that you can learn to make yourself into a much more knowledgeable bass player.

All of the most recorded and employable bass players know them, so learning them now will put you ahead of a lot of other players who chose to ignore them.

They only take a little while to get down, but will be used by you over and over again.

They are, simply put, some of the more important things that you can learn on the bass.

You should check them out now.

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