Reading Everything to the 9th fret

Wow. That's quite a range that you can read so far, but lets see how much more you can learn. Lets look at reading up to the 9th fret.

Today, we're going to be adding another two notes to what you already know: High "D#/Eb" and High "E/Fb".

Starting on the E string, you're basically just adding a few more notes that you already know from the string above. In this case, on this string, you're adding a "C" on the eighth fret and a "C#/Db" on the ninth fret.

On the A string, you're going to be adding a "F" on the eighth fret and a "F#/Gb" on the ninth.

On the D string, lets throw a "Bb" on the eighth fret and "B" on the ninth fret.

Now, on the G string, you'll find a "D#/Eb" on the eighth fret and an "E" on the ninth fret.

I just want to point something out........

As of right now, you can technically read from low E to high E on ninth fret. That's quite the range! Take a look at what that looks like in standard notation:

That is a lot of notes, huh?


Anyways, that's all for today.

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One more major reading page to go through before you start to reach the finer details of complex reading. Right now, you have the ability to play most written band charts. Congrats!

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