Reading Exercises

So, while working with the Articles that I've written on Reading Music, you've run across a bit of dilemma: You need to Practice Reading more to get the hang of it.

Well.....on this page, I've written some Reading Exercises for you. Below you'll find some PDF files that you can download and print off for your own personal use while practicing reading.

The sheets are all separated by topic and can be downloaded as many times as you wish. There is also the related answer sheet located under the same column so that you can see if you're getting the hang of it yet.

Lets get to it, shall we?
(All of the Practice sheets are on the left button; Answers on the right button)

(I've recently been informed that there is a small discrepancy on 1 or 2 of the answer sheets in that a couple of notes differ from the related question sheet. I will be repairing these as soon as I can get some time to, however, the VAST majority of the sheets are %100 correct. Don't let those mistakes on my part discourage you from still trying the sheets. The rest is still correct and you'll have MORE than enough to test yourself on.)

Exercise Sheets:

Reading Open Strings:

Reading to the 5th Fret in the key of C:

Reading everything to the 5th Fret:

Reading everything to the 7th Fret:

Reading everything to the 9th Fret:

Reading everything to the 12th Fret:

Reading the Whole Neck:

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